About Us

Established in 2005, we are one of the pioneers in rigid-flex boards. During the years growing and learning, we have become one of the best flex and rigid-flex board manufacturers in Taiwan. Please contact our USA rep Mr. Brent for further information.

Hitek Resources Inc.
5055 Kings Ter. N.
Brooklyn Park MN 55443
Phone: (612)868-6625


Rapid Lead Time

Prototyping is available in the following timeframes:

  • Single and Double-Sided: 3-5 Days
  • 4 Layers: 2 Weeks
  • Multi-Layers: By Casestopwatch


  • 1-16 Layers Flex
  • 2-36 Layers Rigid-Flex
  • 3/3 mil Minimum Trace Width/Space
  • Control Impedance
  • Blind/Buried Vias
  • Varies Surface Treatment